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Monday, March 05, 2012

Dirty Little Secrets in a Dirty Little War

There is one common denominator when dealing with abusers. They all thrive on keeping their deeds secret. One sure way to drive these two legged cockroaches into the cracks in the wall is to shine a light on them. Evil is as evil does, and we are confronted with profound evil.
When anyone objects to the blatant economic inequality we see today many of the wealthy and their puppets scream "class warfare!" to deflect the honest criticism of policies which benefit the economic elite and penalizes the middle class. Look around you, the truth is plain to see. I think it is time to declare that dirty secret few are willing to admit. It is a time for citizens to speak truth to power.
We are in a class war, the first shot was fired during the Reagan administration. The current crisis is not an accident. It was created with malice aforethought. The system is not broken, it is fixed. A rigged game only the wealthy can play. We have witnessed an unprecedented redistribution of wealth. The money did not move downward, it moved into the coffers of the rich. Follow the money and it is obvious where it went. The rich have built a governing body which is the best that money can buy. Unfortunately their interests have no connection with the survival of America or the common good.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why are the culprits who cause the current economic crisis not tried for obviously criminal acts?
  • Why were they given a free pass and rewarded for their bad acts?
  • Why organized labor being demonized?
  • Why are so many unemployed while corporations are sitting on record profits?
  • Why do working people in record numbers need food stamps to help make it through hard times?
  • Why is there an attack on the educational system?
  • Why did the Supreme court confer the rights of a human to corporations?

Two answers come to mind.

  1. Monetary greed and pulling up the economic ladder to keep it all in the club of wealth.
  2. Political power. A coup by means of economic coercion. If those who make the laws are your puppets they are the law.
After World War Two we lived in a far different nation. Economic mobility was fairly consistent across all economic strata. It was understood that we all had a stake in the economic well-being of America. We built an economic engine second to none and wisely kept an eye on keeping the infrastructure in good condition. Taxes and service were considered the price of civilization. That was then and this is now. Somewhere along the line "We" was replaced with "ME" and our nation began a downward spiral. National interest has been replaced by selfish pursuit of money at the expense of the those who can not wield the same amount of economic clout.
Where is the outcry about this? You will not hear about it on main stream media. They have been bought long ago. Information is power and when money controls what you see, people can be convinced to vote against their own self interest. It comes as no surprise some think we should coddle the wealthy and balance the budget on the back of the middle class. When they say the "job creating" wealthy should be given more tax breaks, deregulation, and a voice in government or they will take their ball and go home one has to ask an important question. We have given them breaks on taxes and deregulation for over a decade, so where are those jobs? Well where are they?
We stand on the edge of a cliff. Economic mobility in America has nearly become nonexistent. We are quickly becoming a nation with an economic structure exactly like Mexico. Our democracy is rapidly becoming an oligarchy. Our new would-be masters carry a sense of supreme entitlement. They believe they own the nation and government while the rest of the citizens are merely squatters only worthy of contempt.
We have seen an assault on the things which made us great as a nation. How do you take these facts? On your feet or on your knees? If you are confused, do not ask a GOP lemming which way to go to get off the cliff.

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