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Friday, February 25, 2005

The Zen of Gardening

This cold keeps hanging on and I am groggy from a dose of nyquil. I have spent the involuntary downtime here working on the templates on my new home away from home. I have been more visual the past few days. I have not written much of anything lately. The verbal side of me has been slumbering while I work on how I want the content to be displayed on my existing blogs.

I want to do some gardening this year. I have enough room for a good square foot vegetable and herb garden setup. and I have plans for some rose bushes that have been neglected by it's previous owner. I lived on a farm long enough when young to not want to go back, but I do have a passion for gardening. It is a link to the earth, a way to ground yourself in nature.

There is a simple wonder in making the earth around you more fertile than it was before the time you arrived there. A calming resonance inside you as your fingers run through the lush rich soil and you plant new life where none was before. Hands covered with the rich loam, laboring peacefully in a warm shady garden, time forgotten.

There is a moment that slips up on us and we fall under it's spell. We dream while our fingers move with a purpose of their own. Body wisdom takes over and we are in that quiet place where words mean nothing. A perfect moment of grace and clarity.

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