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Sunday, September 04, 2005

More Memories

Dreams have been the place of refuge where I can rest. Remembering happier days. praying for those in danger. May we all be a beacon to those lost in night.

Bourbon Street

slow dancing down on Bourbon Street, 
the hot night filled with sweet music
heating the blood stirring your dreams
a night that was made just for two lovers

arms round a lovely honey sweet belle
her slender body pressed close to mine
nuzzling tight, our bodies locked together
we were a perfect fit like a two piece puzzle

those eyes blue grey filled with her laughter
she whispered to me her voice was lilting
so soft and rich, pure Mississippi beauty
melting my heart, till I was putty in her hands

we danced to the music that poured like water
from open doorways that called to the crowd
like streams that flow into a turbulent human river
swept along as we danced by the neon lit tide

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